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Activities and Events

Still about the Graduation

We have compiled a whole batch of pictures as it happened at the Graduation Ceremony that was held at Citikids Junior School

Graduation ceremony at Citikids Junior School

As we closed off the third term which was the last term in the year 2022, we held a Graduation ceremony to congratulate our students upon their successful completion of studies at their various class levels.

Artwork Session

Artwork Session at Citikids Junior School. We spare time and teach our children how to paint, draw and come up with nice artistic materials.

Citikids Kindergarten class assemblies

All about the Kindergarten class assemblies that took place at Citikids Kindergarten from 19th to 23rd July, 2022. We extend our thanks to parents who spared time to come and watch their children as they present to them what they have learned while at school.

Exhibition Day

In this activity, our children exhibited their talent through showing some of the work they can do e.g craft work and many others

Book Reading

With this activity, the teachers of Citykids Junior School read books for children, children also read books for their fellow kids. At the same time parents also joined us in reading books for the kids. It was a fun and a happy moment.


We took our children for swimming activities. They had alot of fun


We took students for shopping as one of our activities that we occasionally organise. We do this to help our children experience the goal of shopping and buying commodities in appropriate places.

Sports Day

Students of Citikids Junior School recently participated in Sports day, an activity heavily embraced by children at the school with a goal of keeping them healthy and fit. please view this activity in detail to see what transpired.